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Eric Esshaki is pro-life and believes we have a moral and legal obligation to protect the lives of the unborn. As a former registered nurse, Eric has a deep appreciation for the value of all lives. Eric supports a constitutional amendment to ban abortion and will fight to pass pro-life legislation and defund Planned Parenthood.

Pro-Second Amendment

Eric Esshaki supports the Constitution and the Second Amendment. Eric is a gun owner himself and believes that the Second Amendment is a fundamental right that must be protected.

Esshaki will vote against legislation that attempts to limit the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens.


Eric Esshaki does not believe in expanding the size of government and has signed the Americans for Tax Reform “No Tax Increase” pledge.


Eric Esshaki is a constitutional conservative who believes that the American people, and not government, are the driving force behind a strong and robust economy. Esshaki understands that our economic success as a nation is dependent on free-market principles, which have created the most robust economy in history. Esshaki believes that the government’s role in our economy must be limited, and that far too often, government intervention leads to unintended consequences that only pad the pockets of the powerful while hurting the middle class.

Eric Esshaki supports President Trump’s tax cuts and will work closely with Republicans in Congress to continue to roll back needless regulation that cripples our small businesses.


As a former registered nurse, Eric Esshaki has seen first-hand the harm Obamacare caused. Esshaki believes that Obamacare has failed us. It eliminated choice and substantially increased insurance costs for millions of Americans. Now Democrats want to double down on government run healthcare, which would eliminate 100,000 doctors and nurses, and  severely cripple our ability to respond effectively to the coronavirus pandemic.

Eric Esshaki is 100% against government run healthcare. He believes that we need a system that focuses on reducing costs while simultaneously protecting those with pre-existing conditions.

Covid-19 Response

Eric Esshaki believes that our response to Covid-19 was both too much and too little at the same time. We know that Covid-19 is a serious and deadly virus, and that it is most serious for about 20% of our population. Yet, we shut down 100% of our nation while failing to protect the most vulnerable 20% that faced the highest risk. This was the wrong response and it demonstrates failed leadership on multiple levels. Governor Whitmer’s decision to place Covid-19 positive patients in nursing homes put more lives at terrible risk.

We must continue to reopen our economy in a safe manner, which means that we must clearly define the at-risk population and implement policies to protect them. Those who face little risk should continue to practice common sense and exercise prudence through social distancing, frequent hand-washing, and where warranted, wearing a mask.

Holding Governor Whitmer Accountable

Eric Esshaki stepped up and sued Governor Whitmer in federal court for violating the 1st and 4th Amendments of the Constitution. Esshaki won. He convinced four judges, appointed by Republican and Democrat presidents, to rule that Gov. Whitmer was acting unconstitutionally. Esshaki’s victory is now being cited across the nation to curb the abusive power of left-wing governors. You can read more details by following this link to his op-ed.

Public Education

Eric Esshaki is the father of two young boys who will be attending public school in the near future. Education is important to Eric, and he believes that all children should have access to a high-quality education. To achieve this, Esshaki believes parents should have more choices, and that school districts should have more flexibility to design curriculums at the local level. He believes that the federal government’s role in educating our children should be limited, and that important decisions should be made at the local and state level, which is consistent with our Constitution.


Eric Esshaki sees China as a major threat to a peaceful world that respects the rule of law. He is concerned with the human rights and economic abuses continuously committed by China, not to mention China’s mishandling of the Covid-19 crisis. Esshaki supports President Trump’s strong stance against China and believes we must act quickly and decisively to ensure that China plays by the rules. For too long, the United States has allowed China to act like a rogue nation while reaping the rewards of an unfair playing field.


Our immigration system is broken, and we need to have an adult conversation about how we can improve it so that it works for the American people. That conversation starts with securing our border, which is essential for our national security.

Additionally, our immigration system must start by putting America first. That means we need to take a serious look at our H-1B visa program, and other similar programs, to ensure that they are not driving down wages or taking jobs from American graduates. These programs need to be tailored to address the needs of particular sectors of our economy and in certain geographical areas, where shortages in the workforce exist. We cannot allow foreign workers and big businesses to reap a windfall by refusing to hire American workers so they can benefit from huge tax breaks. At the same time, the rule of law and respect for all human beings must be central to how ICE and the border patrol operate. Esshaki rejects the left-wing calls to abolish these critical agencies.


Eric Esshaki is a strong supporter of our veterans and believes that we must do a better job of taking care of them. That means that we continue to improve the VA systems and ensure that our veterans have more choice when it comes to their healthcare. We also need to do a better job of helping our veterans transition back to civilian life with high-paying jobs and better educational opportunities. Our veterans sacrifice for us, and we owe it to them!

Retirement Security

Eric Esshaki believes every American who works hard and plays by the rules, should have a safe and secure retirement. That starts with preserving Social Security and Medicare. It continues by encouraging Americans to save for their own retirement.

Victory for Everyday Michigan Families

The 11th District is currently represented by left-wing Democrat Congresswoman Haley Stevens. Stevens supports Nancy Pelosi’ agenda 100% of the time and takes even more radical positions. Stevens voted to impeach President Trump because of his tweets. Stevens supports Medicare for all and radical plan that would cancel private health insurance and chase 100,000 doctors and nurses out of medicine. She believes the answer to every problem is a bigger, more intrusive government that takes rights away from Americans.  She has called for multiple deletions to the Bill of Rights.

Eric Esshaki is the only candidate who can defeat her and has been recognized by national Republicans because of this.

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